Accounting services

Business accounting

Accounting is carried out according to the rules of "good accounting practice" or in conformity with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) on the basis of the Law of the Republic of Estonia on Accounting. Processing of primary documents, document control, preparation of the necessary statements to the Tax Department and their filing are accomplished. As well, the on-demand reporting on a company's financial condition is done monthly for the owner. Standard reports include balance sheet, income statement, receivables from customers, accounts payable to suppliers.

Auditing of Accounting Operations

Upon request of the owners or, if required by the law, the accounting statements can be verified at the audit company for the proper display of the company's financial condition. For the terms of compulsory auditing, refer to the Law on Audit. We provide the full support to the audit up to the auditor's report.

Submission of tax statements

Tax statements can be compiled and filed both as a single work order, and under constant service agreement.

Assistance in filing tax returns for individuals

We consult individuals and provide assistance on filing annual tax returns for individuals. The time period for such tax statements filed in an electronic environment is from 15 February to 31 March.

Submission of financial statements for the Business Register and the Department of Statistics

According to the Law on Accounting, a company is required to submit its Annual Report to the Business Register. Depending on the size of the company, the statements can be either simplified or more detailed. In addition, under certain financial indications, the statistical reports may be required from a company. It can also happen when a company is selected at random for a certain period of time.

Reports on packaging materials

If a company is engaged in activity that is associated with the packaging, it must, on the basis of the Packaging Act, report to the firms engaged in recycling of the packaging materials. Reporting and excise duty on packaging depends on the terms of contract with such firms.

Selection of the accounting software in accordance with the cost and complexity of bookkeeping operations

We can offer a certain specialized accounting software, depending on the scope and complexity of accounting operations, as well as on the cost of the program itself. If a company does not need to possess its own program, we usually use a program that is suitable for micro- and medium-sized enterprises. We can also use your program through remote access, if a client grants us such an access.

Bookkeeping for companies

Personnel records

We are keeping the personnel records of employees of a company, if necessary, when a large number of employees so requires.

Financial analysis for company owners, budgeting

Financial analysis is often used by "advanced owners," and in case some crediting operations are involved. Such financial analysis can be ordered from our company, if necessary. You will be given an overview of the financial situation of the company, the calculation of financial indicators, which may well reflect the processes of the enterprise, and assessment of the prospects of obtaining credits, as well as recommendations for improving your company's financial situation.
For businesses that require the budget, we can offer its drawing up, as well as the system of control of budget implementation in the form of monthly reporting.

Establishment and closing of the companies

We assist in the registration of new firms by electronic means, as well as offer full accounting support to new businesses. We assist in the liquidation of firms be it on a as a volunteer, and bankruptcy. We make the interim- and final liquidation balance sheets as well.

Establishment and closing

Advice on taxation issues

You can contact our office for consultations in tax issues. We perform this kind of support to our regular customers free of charge.

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