Cost of accounting services

Our prices depend primarily on the amount of work.

We would like to offer the customer the most convenient and simple way to pay for our services.
Therefore, we propose first to determine whether it will be a long-term cooperation or it is a one-time order of certain services (ex declaration, statistical reports, annual reports).

Depending on the scope and complexity of the work, as well as in view of opportunities to automate the accounting process, the price for micro enterprises and small businesses can range from 50 to 500 euros + VAT. By experience, the average cost for a small business is in the range of 100-200 euros + VAT per month. The Annual Report is always paid separately, because it is a separate type of work that requires time to draw up. Usually the price of the Annual Report is the cost of one month, but not less than 100 EUR + VAT.

For those businesses that do not require a monthly servicing, we offer to conclude a contract for annual services, together with the drawing up of the Annual Report. In this case the price shall be quoted on the basis of 100 EUR + VAT -- the lowest price of the report and with up to 200 bookkeeping entries; with over 200 entries, the supplementary cost for 1 entry shall be added to the price.

Typically one-time paid work under the contract in the amount. For example, the price
Preparation of annual reports from 100 euros + VAT.

Long-term cooperation on accounting can be estimated based on the value of one wire (usually a single document), or the sum specified for the month.

We use the program HansaRaama, and so if you need we can provide the client to make an account in the program, and also to see the operational statements (such as balance sheet, income statement, receivables from customers, accounts payable to suppliers).

Education software and reports comments you get for free.
We are confident that our knowledge will help the management of your business and make it more operations in analyzing financial situations and decision-making.
Please contact our office to do inquire for the price.

In order to get price offers, please, submit a request, specifying:
1. Approximate amounts per month:
- purchase invoices
- sale invoices
-qty of pages in the bank statement
2. - Do you have warehouse accounting
- Are you VAT-registered taxpayer
3. Type of your business activity

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